Sonata-Lingerie E-shop Just Launched!!

November 27, 2008 at 10:35 am (Announcements, Designers, Lingerie) (, , , , , )

We have been anticipating this moment for a few months now as we have been talking with Catherine from Sonata Lingerie. The new E-shop is here!!! Sonata Lingerie was met with huge success with their first first collection last spring which was full of glamorous and elegant styles. Especially the Solstice Bodysuit, one of our personal favorites. The shop has every collection available for purchase. The collections are Spring/Summer 08/09, Autumn/Winter 08/09, Essentially Sonata 08/09, Beach 08/09, and their Bed Linen collection.

Solstice Bodysuit Spring/Summer-08

Solstice Bodysuit Spring/Summer-08

The sophisticated Spring/Summer 08/09 collection is marked by gorgeous silks and delicate laces that accent the femininity and empower the women who wear it. Adorned with Swarovski crystals several pieces in the collection simply shine, even before being worn. Met with much praise from online sources like Style Hive, Styleteria Magazine, and Glam UK. Such offline publications as Intima Magazine and The Sun newspaper have highlighted and featured Sonata Lingerie in the past few months for their sophisticated and glamorous designs.

Linen Pyjama Essentially Sonata 08/09

Linen Pyjama Essentially Sonata 08/09

Essentially Sonata is an easy to wear 100% linen collection for every day. These pieces can double as outerwear, wear the slip as loungewear or as a top, it is completely up to yo. Hand embroidered details add subtle nuances to the simplistic style of the collection. Choose form two different linen bra sets to lounge in the house or for sleeping. Playful linen pajamas accompany the collection providing women everywhere with oh so soft sleepwear.

Natalia Swimwear Spring/Summer 08/09

Natalia Swimwear Spring/Summer 08/09

I know it is November, but what better time to view some gorgeous swimwear. Sonata Lingerie’s swimwear collection is comprised of five different styles to “suit” all of your needs. ( I know its kind of a lame joke LOL.) Your choice of the highly sophisticated Natalia/Nathalie one piece suit will have you stunning all of the patrons of your favorite beach. Or step up the Parisian factor by adorning Deimante, a 100% cotton striped bikini with ruffle details. Next season should bring us even more sexy beach attire.

Carmine & Scarlett Autumn/Winter 08/09

Carmine & Scarlett Autumn/Winter 08/09

For this season, Autumn/Winter 08/09, the Solstice bodysuit has been designed in pure lace and 100% silk trim for dramatic effect. Carmine and Scarlett feature deep red satin fabric. Carmine is a cupless bra with a removable gusset while Scarlett features light bra padding and both have matching knickers. “Midnight Sun” is a made to order range marked by 100% silk and the finest silk chiffon detailing. The range contains a silk chiffon slip, matching knickers and a matching g-string. The range is also adorned with amber embellishments adding a subtle sophistication to the already elegant design.

Solstiss Bodysuit Autumn/Winter 08/09

Solstiss Bodysuit Autumn/Winter 08/09

There are many other ranges in the new collection, so drop by the Sonata-Lingerie E-shop and find your sophistication!

All images courtesy Sonata-Lingerie.

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  1. Nelly said,

    Very good design and excellent collection.

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