Sonata Designer Lingerie

July 2, 2008 at 12:16 am (Clothing/Shopping, Designers, Lingerie) (, , , , )

Born In Lithuania, Sonata Rapalyte came into her own when she moved to London and worked for a string of lingerie designers including Damaris with whom Sonata launched the first ever Damaris collection. Living and working in London for a number of years Sonata realized there was a market for beautiful, luxurious lingerie. With ambition, she decided to create her own lingerie line.
With a love for travel as well as her passion for lingerie, Sonata moved to the Sardinian coast, it was there that Sonata designed her entire first collection. The Aurora collection, consisting of long silk chiffon pastel greens, with amber accents representing the sun and the breezy chiffon – the sea. It has a silk detail representing the waves.

Sonata has said, “I just want to make women feel pretty and sexy…. and when you wear amazing lingerie – you feel amazing. Some of my designs can be also worn on the outside too for more overt sexiness. Basically though, if I’ve achieved you feeling fabulous, then, I’m happy with that!”




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